What do you dare dream to change?



To achieve your dreams, you need to aim at a specific target, setting goals along the way.


The only way to achieve your aims is to DO it. You created targets to aim at. Now is the time to take action. No more procrastination.



So you’ve dreamt it, aimed for some specific targets, done the work and DELIVERED it! Awesome. Time to celebrate and reflect.

“I dream of a World where everyone has someone looking out for them, helping them reach  their full potential.”

Chris founded his digital marketing agency DADD.TV in 2011. He loves all aspects of web and graphic design. DADD stands for Design and Digital Development. Offering end-to-end brand development, product strategy, website design and development, digital marketing and lead gen.

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“You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore”

Chris’s Journey…

Chris grew up in Wales, UK and has always enjoyed hiking and innovating with technology. Having got his degree in Computer Science at the University of Southampton, he spent his early career launching large-scale products across the mobile and FinTech industries. He travelled extensively and spoke at many events. One innovation raised significant money for the Tsunami appeal. Opening an office in New York for a new media company with a £1m visa, gave Chris the belief for starting his own company. So after years of commuting and helping to deliver £250m of value to other companies, in 2011, Chris began his own company. Offering rebranding and web design digital marketing services for a range of small to medium size businesses. 

He climbed Kilimanjaro with others to raise funds for Giving Africa to build a school in Burkina Faso and was a trustee there for a few years. More recently, he designed an avatar for Cancer Central, a charity using AI to guide cancer sufferers. 

Today, Chris mixes his time between web design, business/life coaching and guiding companies and non profits on their technology. He loves to hike, scuba dives and travel with his family.