First we had solar panels added to our roof, then we bought an electric car. Now we’re considering growing our own food. I mostly eat a Paleo diet and the veg I like, such as cauliflowers take up a lot of space. Space we don’t have in suburbia unless we did up our lawn!

A few years ago I was in Asia and I was served bugs. I think it was crickets. I wondered whether the farming of insects could be done at a domestic level. Then I discovered Livin Farms Hive product.

Their hive product grows mealworms using 10% of the land required for beef and uses significantly less feed and water.

meaworms are sustainable

Katharina Unger has pioneered this idea. Watch her TEDX talk about the background to her company.

The hive can generate 2-500g of protein a week.

This is how the hive works.

living farm hive

Find out more on the website. As of early 2017 you can buy the hive for 649 usd.