The Unusual Magic of 2016

“You’ll like this, not a lot but you’ll like it”

It’s Christmas 2016 and gosh what a Celebstrophe year it’s been.

We say goodbye to columnist AA Gill,

Hilda Ogden and Peter Vaughan,

Alan Rickman, Willy Wonka, and Sir Terry Wogan

the man inside R2D2 and funny Mrs Merton


Muhammad Ali floats like a butterfly and stings less like a bee

Diamonds and pearls Prince gone with Cohen and Bowie

Comics Corbett, Victoria Wood and Manwell – que?


It’s just not funny.


Polls divided us across the ranks

Both the Europeans and the Yanks.


But now to the cheer, it’s

“Over to my wonderful assistant Debbie McGee”

To make us feel more happee.


Andy Murray won Wimbledon,

Tim Peake shone from space

The Queen turned 90

And Pokemon Go was ace.


The number of tigers, pandas and manatees went up at last

India planted 50 million trees in a day…so fast!

800 Boko Harem hostages were saved

And 67 medals won in Rio that we craved.


So here it is, Merry Christmas

Everybody’s having fun.

Look to the future now. It’s only just begun.

To you poets, plonk drinkers, with smiles ear to ear.

Thanks to the Nicholson’s for inviting us each year

Here’s to our friends for bringing us cheer

Let’s hope 17’s a good one

Without any fear.

by Chris Dadd, December 2016